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September 2013

Usually my favorite month of the year, this September was wetter than usual. No worries. We were still able to get out and have some end-of-the-summer adventures.

Labor day drive up to Mt. St. Helens provided us with some spectacular views!

A day trip to Astoria was also a lot of fun! Here's a view of the bridge fun the Astoria Column.

Ready to climb up the column

Letting a glider go from the top

Where the Columbia meets the ocean-A panorama of the whole area.

Cape Disappointment light house

Beach play!


2 lost teeth!

Weaving projects

Hiking near home

Playing at the Woodland park zoo

Carousel with Grandma at the zoo

Playing in the woods

Pumpkin art projects

150 year party!

August 2013

August was full of fun family summer actives. Visits from cousins, plenty of outings and another county fair!


Bob's red mill

Voodoo doughnut

Lavender farm

Lavender farm

Concert in the park

Hands on Childrens museum

Crafting at the museum


More big foot.

Ranger talk at Johnston Ridge Observatory.

Mt. St. Helens

Bridge of Glass, Tacoma

Museum of glass, Tacoma

Bridge of glass

Washington museum of history

View from the Ferris wheel at Skamania county fair

Judges choice award!

Carnival prizes

Beautiful back drop for the fair

Quite the collection of ribbons!

First lost tooth!!

Dessert animals poster

And several shots at a miniature western town outside the restaurant where we met Grandma for dinner on her birthday!


July '13

Independence day picnic, watermelon eating contest.

Monsters U

Harry Gardener park

Concerts at the lake

Date night in Olympia

My little brothers wedding

beach fun with our quest club peeps

Collecting candy at the Castle Rock parade

Castle Rock fair

Beaver falls, Clatskenie

Ranier beach park

Made by Silly for our 14 year wedding anniversary!

Ike kinswa state park

Cowlitz county fair

First blue ribbon!

Silly's stash

The Oregon Garden

Silver falls

Cup cakes with Aunt Linda


June 2013

Not many pictures this month! Lost some while transfering and the rest are all in the birthday post!



Fathers day cake made by the little guy

Birthday boy

Neverland party

Hard to believe that my youngest is FIVE already! The days of having little ones about are slipping away and I am looking forward to the days of parenting older kids. 




To mark the occasion, the little guy chose a Peter Pan theme for his party & Silly & I set about turning the backyard into Neverland.




Last day as a 4 year old




Birthday breakfast


Family dinner at Chuckie's

Party food

Pirate booty

Croc's crunch

Lost boy chow

Fairy fruit wands

Cupcakes w/homemade toppers & banner

Neverland map by yours truly

Favor bags

Neverland signpost

The kids started out with their booty bags & a map then went to each of the Neverland areas to play a game and earn a prize for their favor bags.




Fishing at Mermaid Lagoon




We had a ball toss game set up next to the teepee. Didn't get a picture.

Pin the tail on the Lost Boy at the Lost Boys Hideout

The most popular game by far was a duel with Captain Hook at Pirates Cove

More presents

We finished up the official festivities with a crocodile pinata. Forgot to take a picture until after the poor thing was bludgeoned.

We also threw a kiddie pool & sprinkler into the mix. All in all it was a lovely day and we had a great time :)



May 2013

Exploring Olympia

Hike around Silver Lake

Making Boffer Swords with Quest Club

Hike to the top of the rock

Hulda Klager Lilac Garden

Horseshoe Lake Park

Hands On Childrens museum, Olympia


Cupcake making & more at Quest club


April 2013

Silly's charms

Homemade potato chips-yum!

Colored rice

Silly's snakes (finger knit)

Cookie decorating with homemade fondant

Oregon zoo

Day trip to seaside for the hubby's birthday

Lunch & a visit to Olympia's childrens museum with G&G

Portland aquarium

Painting project

Tulip farm!

Ike kinswa state park


March 2013

Exploring parks in or new area

Chehalis Children's museum

Egg decorating!

Window stars!

Egg hunt in St. Helens



Family Vacation: San Diego!

Decided to visit San Diego in the winter when we could really appreciate the sun.  Unfortunately the whole family got the flu which really put a damper on things.  But we still managed to do some fun stuff.  Here are the pictures to prove it!


Cruising around the bay


Sea World

Oceanside pier


View from the hotel

San Diego Zoo

I wish we had been feeling better so that we could fully appreciate it, but I'm glad we were still able to hit done of the big attractions.


Feb 2013

Checking out some local scenery

Pizza day with our Quest Club