HomeGrown Harpoles

15 December 1978
I'm a homeschooling mama in the evergreen state. I spend my days exploring and observing the world, often through the eyes of a child--it's really quite wonderful. We love to read, write, draw, craft, cook, garden, play, dance, sing, touch, smell, taste, look, listen, feel, be.

I try to be mindful in all of my dealings, as a mom, wife, world citizen, member of the local community, consumer,

I believe in lessening my footprint on the planet and am trying (little by little) to learn to be more self-sufficent and live a sustainable existence.

I believe in treating all people with respect, including my daughter, and use a gentle hand when it comes to parenting. I like to follow her lead and give her the space that she needs to grow and learn and be herself.

When in comes to homeschooling, I think of myself as a mentor or advisor, rather than a teacher. I believe that learning happens all the time, not from reading a text and filling out workbooks. My role is to introduce new experiences, and then offer tools and support to delve as deeply into any intersts that my daughter deems interesting or important, so that she may have a chance to find and develop her own passions.

One day I hope to create or be a part of a real community where all people strive to minimize our impact on the planet and promote peace.